HAGEN WEISE. In the Seventies, price dumping by companies from the Far East began seriously undercutting the established brands and the market became brutally Home of the UK's finest stringed instruments and their bows. The violin makers of Bubenreuth. Ebony pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest Your bow makers from Bubenreuth Lothar Seifert - Master workshop for bows Mozartstr. His customers include well known musicians from Germany and abroad, for whom he also produces custom-made instruments such as a 5-string cello for the renowned Russian cellist Natalia Gutman. Bibliography: Archives of the Polish Union of Artist Violin Makers (ZPAL); Polska sztuka lutnicza 1954-2004, red. The art form of instrument Further medals and awards at violin making competitions followed, thus, e. This bow is very strong and heavy and well made of excellent materials. He is an active member in many organisations including the association of Ger Jun 29, 2006 · He had learnt the violin-making trade at the technical college in Bubenreuth from 1953 to 1955. It has also produced some of the best violin makers in Germany, who apprenticed with the firm and developed into master violin makers. A luthier memorialised in two different places: Elias Placht has a contemplative air on the  German violin, Bubenreuth 20th century, Violins, Bubenreuth / Unknown, More detailed information about stringed instruments and the history of violin making:. Wolfgang Schnabl was born 1963 in Bubenreuth. The lineage originated in Luby u Chebu, where it rose to fame thanks to Josef Pötzl ( an excellent violinist, musician and painter ). 6546 Email: Click here 3201 Carlisle Blvd. Aside from his reputation as a violin maker, Klaus has also earned an international reputation for his many articles on violin making. In the summer of 1954 Framus moved into the new factory. Price. Quality pegs made in Bubenreuth, Germany by Josef Teller. ) This violin is an example of the continuation of the Markneukirchen tradition in post war Germany. C. These violins do have value and come up here and there at fine instrument sales. Waller, Poznań 2004 Product Description. Roderich Paesold Bubenreuth, 1991 The Paesold family business was established in 1848 by Johann Carl Paesold. This expertise is obtained over many years of examination of hundreds or thousands of instruments, there is no substitute for an experienced eye. BUBENREUTH/ERLANGEN" and corresponding label, as well as serial number . Acoustical Engineering · Holzauswahl · Werkstatt · Lackierung  In 1967, Lothar Semmlinger started his violin maker apprenticeship at Hofner apprenticeship and with the cello maker Roderich Paesold from Bubenreuth. The hardwood maple is used as support material and used as a base,Sides and neck of the instrument. In very good playing condition. 284. German Federation of Violin Makers ( DGV)  training with violin master craftsman Ernst-Heinrich Roth in Bubenreuth and at the violin makers' school [] in Mittenwald. Town: Bubenreuth. . Bubenreuth was  14 Oct 2016 There were thousands of violin makers and others involved in this large Bubenreuth and Erlangen, had become the center of German violin  to Hagen Weise Violins in Baiersdorf near Bubenreuth, the center of contemporary violin making. kohlert-violins. It was designed after a proven Stradivari model and is an attractive old violin of the 1960's that features a beautiful antique appearance, especially with its transparent, reddish Description: Elegant copy of 1724 Stradivarius. Fully hand-carved and graduated, select seasoned flamed back and sides, fine grained select spruce top. NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 Violin by Friedrich Wilhelm Meisel, Quittenbach, Saxony, 1772 Note: Click on any image below to see a larger image. great for someone who can use. 1670, 15-3/8", Ruoff (1646-1725) was one of the earlist violin makers in Fussen. A violin's authenticity (i. 889. A high quality step-up violin with powerful tone. Phone: 505. Cellos currently for sale "Hector Soffriti filius Aloysi fecit Feurariae An. Archive photos: Richard Grünke Violin Bow, Bubenreuth circa 1965. Hand varnished, quality ebony fittings, and polycarbonate tailpiece. com Subscribe Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Maker Info. Hoyer Werkstatt. Violin maker: Franz Joseph Klier. Müller was a bow maker established in Bubenreuth, Germany in the middle of the 20th century. This gives the player the best sound and response. The Viola is in good condition with Caspari locking tuner pegs. The violin emerged in Italy in the early 1500's. This excellent German violin bow was handcrafted by the well established and respected firm of Roderich Paesold in their workshops by master bow makers, that were founded in 1848. After that date, the words "Copy of" were often included on the labels. Weise has been active since 1991 when he commenced work for the Roderisch Paesold Company in Bubenreuth, Germany. It would be perfect for a serious player with small hands. Wieniawski Competition. This pattern emerged in a very similar fashion to the way it had happened in the 19th century in the Bohemian-Saxonian Günter H. The violin has come to us in pristine original condition. STENGER, Violin Bow, Chicago, 1920s-30s, silver-mounted, octagonal pernambuco stick, 61gm, Willibald Stenger (1872-1949) a violin maker who also made some bows starting in the 1920s (Our #22144) $ 600. This is a new violin made in 2004. but overall good vintage shape. Total Ratings 22, Since the end of 1949 Bubenreuth became the center settlement of Schoenbach violin makers. Heinrich Gill W3 Cello - Bubenreuth, Germany 2017 317-2341 Cellos - $2000 to $4000 Lisle DR10 Model - Handmade in China and the U. Lisle Violin Shop features many fine instruments and bows at our shops. A. $10,000. Holtz Fiberglass Bow Protege Violin Case Available in sizes 1/32 to 4/4 22 quarterly payments of $38. Bernd Dimbath Violins are made in Bubenreuth, Germany. 1810 We have an exceptional 7/8 violin made by Gennaro Fabricatore, Naples 1810. Karl Hofner, Bubenreuth, 1962, bearing the maker's label , length of back 357 mm. Karl Hoyer was born in Schönbach/Luby in the Czech Republic to a family of violin makers. Violins GREAT VERY OLD BALKAN MAPLE PIECE FOR VIOLIN MAKERS, LUTHIER ESTATE. karl hofner bubenreuth violin 1979 vintage w/ case& bow up for auction today is a karl hofner bubenreuth violin 1979 vintage w/ case& bow. 5 cm Price History - The auction record for this maker is $7,200 in Oct 2010, for a violin bow. From Bulgaria Karl Hofner Bubenreuth Violin with bow And Case Please Read In 2000 he founded the Clement & Weise workshop in Bubenreuth with Hagen Weise. get it all tuned up and should be ready to go. It takes one year to produce this unique violin. de Schneider-Marfels, Sebastian 0351-8032591 Schützengasse 3 Dresden 01067 GERMANY Email: Website: Schnorr, Hubert 04141-921724 Salzstraße 14 Lamy’s cello bows are particularly fine, with the most beautiful elongated head shape. Single Violin: 49 £ 68 £ 102 £ 138 £ Double Violin: 57 £ 80 £ 142 £ 206 £ Triple Violin: 71 £ 98 £ 182 £ 269 £ Quadruple Violin: 83 £ 119 £ 231 £ 291 £ Quintuple Violin: 103 £ 142 £ 283 £ 370 £ Small Box: Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Medium Box Ole H. Spruce is the resonance- or. Carlos Funes studied violin making in Cremona at the violin making school graduating in 1983 and worked in Cremona for a period before returning to San Francisco. to Hagen Weise Violins in Baiersdorf near Bubenreuth, the center of contemporary violin making. Set up with Dominant strings. Closed Wednesdays and Sundays. Eastman Model 80 Violin K. Our customers are violin makers and music shops in Germany as well as abroad. In 1990 Hagen began to work for the Roderich Paesold Company in Bubenreuth. Bridges etc. Gift of Kurt Lothar and Patricia A. Even after many years away from Italy, his instruments show many of the characteristics of the Cremona makers. Oct 25, 2001 · Violins - Reinhold Schnabl in Bubenreuth. Some of these are pseudonyms that were used by makers for their own hand made instruments and they are still hand made by a specific maker. Ref : 0876. The 1960s saw the advent of solid-body guitars. 8706c - A fine violin by Kurt Lothar Meisel, MN 1966. Roth workshops, made in Bubenreuth-Erlangen in 1990. Serial code: KRP. M. Using the term 'violin bass' in the following simply picks up the usual description of this instrument that became accepted in the linguistic usage and was even used by Hofner to put it on the market. Roth Co. This 16” Ernst Heinrich Roth Stradivarius Model viola was made in 1966 in Bubenreuth, then West Germany, and is branded above the label with the makers name, town of origin and the #’s A6 0679. The violin is in excellent condition and has a lovely tonal quality. Violin makers monument (Bubenreuth)‎ (2 F) W Wildnis am Rathsberg‎ (1 C, 14 F) Media in category "Bubenreuth" The following 10 files are in this category, out of Young’s violin and cello bows have won numerous awards in international competitions, including the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers competitions of 1984 and 1986, the Mittenwald International Violin and Bow Making competitions of 1993 and 1997, and multiple competitions held by the Violin Society of America between 1984 and 1996 Today we focus on string instruments and relating components and accessories. Guarneri del Gesu, and other classical Cremonese master violin makers. The bow I use the most is by Paesold. This violin was made in the workshop of master luthier Klaus Clement. Professional Musician Network. , whether it is by the name on the label) can only be determined by comparing it to know examples of the makers workmanship, wood characteristics, and varnish texture. Lovingly Restored and Ready To Play. A good German trade violin from the firm of Roderich Paesold Bubenreuth, 1991 go to Home Page see more Violins Die kleine Gemeinde Bubenreuth nördlich von Erlangen ist seit mehr als 50 Jahren eines der bedeutenden Zentren für Streichinstrumentenbau in Deutschland, nachdem sich nach Ende des II. No products in the cart. Single Violin: £40 £57 £87 £118 Double Violin: £46 £66 £123 £176 Triple Violin: £60 £82 £155 £230 Quadruple Violin: £69 £100 £197 £249 Quintuple Violin: £86 £118 £243 £316 Small Box: Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Medium Box: Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Bespoke Third generation maker used his best makers to help create his master quality instrument. Pietro Guarneri or sometimes referred to as Pietro da Venezia, was the son of Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Guarneri, filius Andreae, and the last of the Guarneri house of violin-makers. Stained boxwood with natural boxwood pin and collar. The community council of Bubenreuth – then a village of fewer than 500 inhabitants – decided in October 1949 that about 2000 displaced luthiers, bow and part makers, string spinners, tonewood dealers, lacquer and rosin producers, and instrument manufacturers from Schönbach would be allowed to resettle there over the following ten years. com , to discuss any instrument or bow, or arrange a trial 7/8 Violin by Gennaro Fabricatore, Naples c. Total Ratings 8, Cecilio Size 4/4 Electric Violin Ebony Fitted Blue Style2. H. The alpine mountains are a harsh and implacable decider of a violin maker's in Bubenreuth, which remains a separately established centre of the violin trade  The relocation of violin makers from the Sudetenland in the summer of 1945 with his wife Anna Eleonore, the company Gerhard Dimbath in Bubenreuth. With this result he was the best, youngest participant from Germany. Listed below are a selection of some of Violins in various price Chicago School of Violin Making N. Violins/violas - Udo Kretzschmann, Markneukirchen. Ebony pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest Herbert Riedl was born into a family of violin makers and grew up on the street where Höfner produced guitars including the world-famous Beatles bass. These manufacturers, housed in such towns as "Bubenreuth", "Mittenwald", " Markneukirchen" to mention a few, mass produced these violins, in part by hand or completely by machine, and, until 1957, labeled them exactly as the master did. 1908". Even 'factory' violins were handmade, they were just handmade in an assembly line format, some workshops had only a few makers and others had many hundreds. Made for Violin Society of America (6 makers-Thomas Oliver Croen, Kurt Heinrich Gill X5 “Strad”, Bubenreuth 2019; Antonio Zavaleta, Cremona 1992; Andrzej  Violins, Violas and Cellos Hand made in Bubenreuth using advanced violin making techniques and acoustical engineering these violins and cellos offer . After growing up in a musical family, Hagen first learned to play classical guitar and then became a guitar maker. History Markneukirchen Mittenwald Workshops. Some of the better grades are actually pretty good violins. Thomas Hoyer (born in 1970) is an important member of the famous German family of violin and bow makers, known for violin making since the 1750s. SOLD. Price: $2,695 Very unique Old World Viola with the makers name of Ernst Heinrich Roth - I could not confirm the age of the Viola but I understand E. 1891) had already at a young age established himself as a foremost German bow maker and was based in Bad Brambach. Mächler learned the profession of violin and bow maker in Cremona, 91088 Bubenreuth, Germany Tel. 'Length of back: 39. Hill and Sons; 300 years of German violin Bazzini Studio Model Violin Strad model violin made by Heinrich Gill (Bubenreuth, Germany). 99 and no reserve! Bubenreuth Germany, Accordions, Harmonicas, Luthiers, Violins, German Music Industry, Music Manufacturing Walter Glaßl The company was founded 1908 by Walter Geipel in Kirchberg close to the town of Schönbach, historically a major center of violin making. We Have a Wide Range of Violins. See more ideas about Cool violins, Violin and Bows. The next year, the Municipality of Bubenreuth awarded Fred Wilfer an Honorary Citizen Medal for his services to Bubenreuth and in recognition of his role in the resettlement of the violin makers. Hours. Violin workshop Pötzl The lineage of violin makers with more than 200 year tradition is engaged in production of bow musical instrument masterpieces. And as documents prove, we are a family of bridge makers in their now sixth generation. Bubenreuth gained some prominence after World War II when the town, then having 400 inhabitants, voted to admit 2,000 expelled German refugees from Schönbach im Egerland (now Luby, Czech Republic). Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10:00 - 6:00. Jon Teske, Violin by Kurt Lothar Meisel (1929-2011), Owatonna, Minnesota, 1996. Over the next three centuries, violin makers, known as luthiers, produced some of the best instruments ever made. Bubenreuth was, at that time, in the American zone of what became West Germany. See more ideas about Violin, Violin family and Violin makers. Standard Violin Rental. NMM 6053. shows some signs of use. 8655c - A fine violin by George Gemunder, Astoria 1882. $65. Hill and Sons. Excellent big sound. German violin makers have been making stringed instruments for almost 500 years. Label: Ernst Heinrich Roth Bubenreuth - Erlangen 1956 Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius Cremona 1724 Dimensions Length of Body: 355 mm Upper Bouts: 168mm Middle Bouts: 113 mm Lower Bouts: 206 mm Sound This violin has a very even sound, with a bright and clear tone. Weltkrieges aus dem Egerland vertriebene Geigenbauer dort angesiedelt und eine neue Existenz aufgebaut haben. In the Seventies, price dumping by companies from the Far East began seriously undercutting the established brands and the market became brutally Is My Violin Made by Stradivarius? Your bow might be worth a fortune; Where Can I Get a Violin Valuation? What happens at a Valuation Day? Why do we value instruments for free? How Much is My Violin Worth? Makers’ Archive. Our violin makers use spirit varnish which is more or less antiqued to give these instruments the well known and highly appreciated appearance. Sep 08, 2017 · The community council of Bubenreuth – then a village of fewer than 500 inhabitants – decided in October 1949 that about 2000 displaced luthiers, bow and part makers, string spinners, tonewood dealers, lacquer and rosin producers, and instrument manufacturers from Schönbach would be allowed to resettle there over the following ten years. They were the most important violin makers of their time in Naples. July 5, 2008 at 05:27 AM · Hi all, Two of my students who are good (and in full size violins) will be in Europe this summer. Jul 05, 2008 · European violin makers. Ernst Heinrich’s son, Gustav Albert, moved the business to Bubenreuth in 1953, following the division of Germany into East and West after WWII, the traditional Vogtland violin making towns having come under communist rule. Status . Search The Makers’ Archive; Articles. Our stock of fine instruments changes rapidly. Price: $3,695 Jul 09, 2014 · What is the approximate value of an Ernst Heinrich Roth violin--B31173 Bubenreuth Erlangen Antonias - Answered by a verified Musical Instrument Appraiser We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. From a distinguished family of violin makers, Walter Mahr passed his master craftsman's examination and set up his own business in his home village of Bubenreuth. The workshop of  22 Oct 2018 Lot 124. On completing his apprenticeship in 1993 he continued his training with Jean- Marc Panhaleux in Lille, France between 1994 and 1995. been in a family for many years. Maechler Logo · Urs W. These manufacturers, housed in towns such as Bubenreuth, Mittenwald, Markneukirchen, and Mirecourt, to mention a few, mass produced these violins, in part by hand or completely by machine, and, until 1957, labelled them exactly as the master did. Ferdinand Gagliano was the son of Nicolo Gagliano, and the Grandson of Alessandro Gagliano, who was the founder of the Gagliano dynesty of violin makers. Heart-shaped violin peg. As with most industries, the history of German violin making can be traced to the history of Germany itself, with its twists and turns of economic and social trends, influence of outsiders, emergence of new technologies, and access to natural resources and trade routes. Here, in the heart of the Nuernberg metropolitan region and very close to the university city of Erlangen, we produce high quality violins, violas, and cellos based on the models of Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, and other classical Cremonese master Wyatt Violin Shop, 2418 South R D Mize Road, Blue Springs, MO, 64015, United States 8162525656 mail@wyattviolin. This violin is a #62. Folland) 1992 The next year, the Municipality of Bubenreuth awarded Fred Wilfer an Honorary Citizen Medal for his services to Bubenreuth and in recognition of his role in the resettlement of the violin makers. Oct 10, 2012 · The forced out makers fled to Bubenreuth which has since been called the second Schonbach. Over $10,000 . Today Wolfgang Schnabl is one of the most respected violin makers in Bubenreuth, whose fame extends all over the world. Violin Makers and Luthiers. g. Price per peg. London 18th century. moved its operations from Markneukirchen to Bubenreuth in the mid 1950s. It has a bright and resonant sound that projects with ease. Solid German craftsmanship - reliable, serviceable. Very nice wood. Date: 1957. Roth family workshop, in near perfect condition. * Anti-allergic, anatomically designed Wittner® chinrest made of hi-tech composite material. Fred Wilfer built up one of the most modern factories of this time. It is the outgrowth About 1,600 Schönbach instrument makers settled in Bubenreuth of Erlangen, which before then had only about 500 residents. Bow Makers Gregor Walbrodt, born in 1968, began his training as a bowmaker in 1990 at the Roderich Paesold workshop in Bubenreuth, Germany. N. Baker then joined the workshop staff at J. Violin makers & Bow makers. Schönach was then known for its numerous violin makers and instrument builders that now fled to Bubenreuth and opened new workshops there. Since the 18th century, we have been involved in all facets of instrument making: as string makers, violin makers, zither makers, guitar makers, etc. From this, the ceiling created with the scarf holes (FF-Holes), Bass bar, Pinblock and reinforcements such as e. Welcome to Hagen Weise Violins in Möhrendorf near Bubenreuth, the center of contemporary violin making. of the old town center of Geigenbaumetrople Bubenreuth has between Frankish pointed gables, and brownstones a luthier . The set up of  Violin Maker. I am not quite sure what price range but I do know that they would like to know the name of top European makers. Product Options: 15-220E French Violin Peg , ebony, 15-221R Swiss Violin Peg, rosewood Maker's Supplies. These German instruments were available in many different qualities. Kammersieger des Jahrgangs 1983 ab. Roderick Paesold which is one of the bigger makers is also based there. Clement began learning the art of violin-making in the workshop of Karl Hoefner/Paesold in Bubenreuth, Germany. A violin (Violet, Cello) is made from pure natural products. However, Framus soon out-grew that space. He left behind many pupils and followers in Ferrara, including Anselmo Gotti, Ernesto Pevere, and Gaetano Pareschi. Rodney has produced nearly 1,000 bows and has restored countless numbers of fine bows. Violin Trade Names and Trade Instruments - some of these instruments are named after the sellers, but the vast majority are completely made up names, with no maker of instruments ever having had those names. Tonewood. About 1,600 Schönbach instrument makers settled in Bubenreuth of Erlangen, which before then had only about 500 residents. 8 out of 5 stars. Title Interview with Siegfried Schuh, violin maker, Chicago, Illinois, part 2 Contributor Names Hellenberg, Antony, 1938-2000 (Collector) Bubenreuth-Erlangen 1966 Made in West-Germany Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius Cremona 1700. 19. Meisel, Owatonna, Minnesota, 1997. Very well-balanced tonally, suited for a variety of styles and musical venues. Here, in the heart of the Nuernberg metropolitan region and very close to the university city of Erlangen, we produce high quality violins, violas, and celli based on the models of Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, and other classical Cremonese master violin makers. The German school of violin making was created out of necessity, circumstance, and serendipity. bidding starts at $9. A good Czech violin by František Xavier Drozen Turnov 1959. In 1961 he passed his exams and was awarded the master craftsman´s certificate. 8459 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Bubenreuth 1960. Beare in 1984, where he focussed on bow making, bow restoration and the study of old bows. He was succeeded by his sons, Charles and Samuel, who worked about 1775-85. This is a lovely example in fine condition – deep red round section pernambuco stick, silver and ebony mounts with a plain eye and 3-part adjuster. His instruments resemble the work of other Fussen makers of the period, like Georg Fuerst, as well as the early makers of German origin working in Rome (Michael Platner, Caesar Gigli, and Jacob Horil). You will find the complete schedule for our meeting on pages 4 and 5 of this booklet, and information about our evening events on page 8. 4gm (Our #32842) $ 600. Bubenreuth. Catalog of fine violas for sale, including a D'Amore viola by Hans, Nancy and Eric Benning, by old and modern master viola makers including Italian violas, for violists and viola players. S. In 1949, residents with German ethnicity, which included many violin-makers, were expelled from Czechoslovakia. Peter Erben was born to a businessman father from Bubenreuth in the centre of  Concert Violin Size: 4/4, Model: Antonius Stradivarius 1700, Split flamed maple back, Red brown lacquered; Lightly shaded; Made in Bubenreuth in Germany. Est: $400 - $600. Passion, knowledge and expertise has been passed down through three generations. These German and Czech (and some Chinese) factories generally make violins at the lower price end in several grades. Most of our instruments are set up by our professional luthier who has over 40 years of experience. in Möhrendorf Germany, near Bubenreuth, the center of contemporary violin making. Soffritti was born in 1877, in Ferrara, Italy, and died in 1927. Full Size 4/4 Natural Acoustic Violin Spruce Case Bow Rosin for Above 13 P2f0. E. seems obvious that, besides the violin making workshops, skilled musi-cians provided new bows as well. & Accessories SV50 Violin Outfit Shop Makers Repair & Restoration Rentals Bubenreuth, 2014. Since 2010 Weise has been dedicated to making fine instruments i Paul Perley Cellos offers the finest cellos in all price ranges. A Stradivari pattern violin from the famous E. At the beginning of the procedure: the selection of the wood. While they are there they'd like to try out violins. - 14 auction price results. A factory was set up in a former barracks camp in Moehrendorf in autumn 1946. Both Luby and Bubenreuth have even erected the same statue of a Luthier in both of their town squares. The Cheb Violin Making School is a public institution in the Czech Republic. In 2004 Weise successfully completed his master violin-making examination. 16 The Cheb Violin Making School is a public institution in the Czech Republic. 00 depending on the condition, year and venue but Skinner, Inc. Assistant to Clement & Weise, Bubenreuth (Germany) 2002 'Gesellenprüfung', Violin Making Diploma, Bubenreuth (Germany) 2003 'City & Guilds Violin Making and Repair', Violin Making Diploma, Newark on Trent (UK) 2004. In addition to the 10 presentations and this year’s Old Instrument and Bow Exhibit, we are pleased to be hosting a Phone: 505. They sell for 2500. Tonal Enhancement with the Patented Bass Bar. He learned violin making from his father, Luigi Soffritti. Personal Info From guitar to violin. Founded 1982 we are widely recognized as one of the UK’s leading violin dealers, restorers, and makers offering a complete service to all string players from student to professional, running a large-scale repair and restoration workshop operating to the most exacting and precise standards. After years of rootlessness many of the makers and their families (1,600 people in all) came to Bubenreuth, Bavaria, a community created especially for them. After an incident in which Canadian customs asked Lothar for the serial number on an instrument he was taking over the border, it occurred to the luthier that serial numbers imply mass-production rather than fine hand craftsmanship. Its response is deep yet clear, offering a clean sound at a variety of dynamics. 00. As a child, he helped in his father's workshop, and in 1944, went to   Since 1952 we are creatively connected with the Violin Making in Bubenreuth! Our company was found in Bubenreuth in 1952 by Heinrich Gill. It might sound a little too romantic, but we have always highly valued family. Instruments for Sale. Parts Only. Frank Davis and John Peskey at the 1999 International Viola Congress in Guelph, Ontario. “Stradivarius 1700” model, with two-piece back of medium figure, the varnish a rich red-brown. Bryant is a fine violin name and well known as a Boston luthier of the early 20th century. that is the closer to the year of copy 1927 for a strad model, the better there were Ruggeri copies that were smaller and sort of made for women and are not quite as good, and there were some guerneri models also, but still most of the pre war Roths were nice enough instruments…the problem tends to be that they are thick and heavy, especially in the ribs, so if the top has been regraduated New German Instruments from Bubenreuth. Every string instrument has a bass bar, the wood piece inside that enhances the quality of sound and impacts the volume. 64 grams; balance point: 26 cm. Alf, Mark Anton Hollinger & David I. German Violin. He studied violin and cello in Schönbach, was conscripted into the Germany army in World War II when he was 13 or 14, was captured and held in France at age 16. This viola was made in the workshop of master luthier Hagen Weise. Structurally and cosmetically, it is in perfect condition. Zaret has developed a new design for the bass bar which allows precise and effective adjustment to achieve the most desirable qualities of sound in all instruments. Violin Makers Maker Provenance Year Available? Michael Bitterer: Mittenwald: 1985: Michael Bitterer: Mittenwald: 1989: Shiquan Zhao, Sliver Medal, Czech Republic, 2004: Lakewood, CA Bubenreuth D-91088 GERMANY Violin Maker Email: Website: Schnabl, Wolfgang 011-49-9131-23545 Blumenstr. , with bow and case. The violin maker stays true to form in emulating the old Italian masters. The most important raw material for making stringed and plucked string setting up a tonewood business in the violin makers city of Schönbach. The Complete and Utter History of W. These violins, violas and violoncellos are carved from well-seasoned spruce and maple or poplar with ebony or rosewood fittings. After finishing his training in Markneukirchen, her switched to violin making. The descendant of Georg Carl Kretzschmann, who was the best violin maker of his day (died 1783). Soon difficulties forced the Bavarian government to relocate about 45 families to resettle near Bubenreuth, a small town near Erlangen, Bavaria Rodney has been actively making bows for over 30 years and is a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, where he earned the degree of “Master of Bow Making”. Bubenreuth as the “new” Schönbach. 847-674-0690 • 4447 Oakton Street, Skokie, IL 60076 Already be Great-grandfather worked in the guild of violin makers. Dec 2, 2019 - Some of the best violins, violas and bows. After completing this training, in 1982 he embarked on an apprenticeship in string instrument bow making under Alfons Riedel in Bubenreuth, where he continued to work after his apprenticeship. e. If you currently own a Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin, click the button below to receive a free valuation: Violin Valuation This perfectly preserved unlabeled Bubenruth violin was most presumably built in the renowned FRAMUS ateliers in the violin making town of Bubenreuth in Bavaria. Josef P. Dr. At first, violin making refugees were settled in Mittenwald where many lived in the Inns the native makers, who divided their work between instrument making, tourism and farming. 4. Owner: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage's Collection of Violins . String Makers This is a listing of string makers world-wide. Further medals and awards at violin making competitions followed. ” The Master Luthiers of the Höfner workshops are convinced that they have found an answer and present for the first time a violin model Green Line which is 100% free of tropical timber. Here, in the heart of the Nuernberg metropolitan region and  Violinbridge, Royal de luxe, Josef Teller OHG involved in all facets of instrument making: as string makers, violin makers, zither makers, Even today, our workshop is located in one of the centers of German instrument making: Bubenreuth. Oct 14, 2016 · By Richard Ward. 5 out of 5 stars. H. 15- 220E French Violin Peg, ebony, 4/4. 14 Bubenreuth D-91088 GERMANY Violin Maker Email: mail@schnabl. Bubenreuth is a major center for violin factories. Viola Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop, Bubenreuth-Erlangen 1959, (43. I information about the model from Bernd Dimbath: Pietro Guarneri (14 April 1695 – 7 April 1762). $12,000 Galen Hartley, Montpellier, France, 2015 A Ruggeri copy from one of Canada’s most promising young makers. Since the end of 1949 Bubenreuth became the center settlement of Schoenbach violin makers. Third generation maker used his best makers to help create his master quality instrument. Gabriel, born in Erlangen in 1960, initially trained as a power electronics fitter at Siemens after leaving school. Feel free to call us at 802 229-1501, or email us at pperleycellos@aol. 2014 General Meeting of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. A portrait of the maker is stamped on the side of the frog. Violins are judged by their responsiveness, tone, visual appeal, elegance of design and precision of their craftsmanship. Dark Brown. 2 cm. Because of our long tradition and experience we know the right answer to all your questions concerning string instruments & co. A member of Polish Union of Artist Violin Makers since 1988, he also joined the Association of German Violin Makers in 2006. 00-5000. 7/8 Heinrich Gill, Bubenreuth It a joy to work with a violinmaker who understands your musical needs and takes the time to regulate the the sound of your instrument properly. Dec 10, 2017 - Instruments for sale - violins, violas, cellos, and basses. This Listen to the Difference Home › Tonal Enhancement › Listen to the Difference Below are mp3 files of recordings we made of Cellos, both with and without the patented Bass Bar: Violin For over 23 years, Golden Music has been developing a collection of instruments from select makers which meet our standards for craftsmanship, materials, consistency, and dependability. A fine violin by George Wulme-Hudson, "Carressi" model, London 1923. schnabl. Offering a varied selection of guitars and basses in classic and unique shapes, Hofner has worked since 1887 to remain one of the leading makers of stringed instruments. New Arrival. Minor wear to the varnish. Geigen, Violin Makers and Luthiers. Beautifully made with excellent tonal qualities. We specialize in the restoration, repair, and sale of cellos, basses and violins. Wolfgang Schnabl was born in Bubenreuth on the 20th November 1963 in his family home, which also housed his father’s violin making workshop. Labeled, 'Ernst Heinrich Roth, Bubeureuth-Erlangen, 1958, Made in West Germany Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius, Cremona 1700. K. Dom. All Roth violins have the Roth label inside, with the names of the best makers appearing on the labels, and the model number of the instrument also appearing, indicative of the level. and A. in Boston sells the majority of these and know the most about the family of Saving the Music Tree Artists and instrument makers have banded together to rescue Brazil’s imperiled pernambuco, the source of bows for violins, violas and cellos By Russ Rymer 17. de. The Search for the Best Violin22 Violinists Offer Their AdviceViolins are one of the most versatile instruments in the world – unfortunately, they are also one of the most difficult ones to choose. * Ultra strong, ultra light Wittner® tailpiece. At the end of 1948 the factory was moved to the near town Baiersdorf. The family dynasty continues under Ernst Heinrich Roth III and his son Wilhelm. Family Run For Over 40 Years. GEORG RUOFF, Fussen, c. Paul Perley Cellos takes pride in the personal experience that we are able to provide to each customer, and aim to connect each client with an instrument that fits their needs. Volunteer work for "Luthiers Sans Frontières", Havana (Cuba) 2004 Hand-Selected Violin Inventory $2501 to $5000. This is probably because each violin has its own design, characteristic, and flair. All instruments are supplied with highest quality strings Direct Sales from Bubenreuth. The same is true of violin making, where it can be irritating to hear that a post-1800 violin 'isn't Baroque', since many more senior violin makers continued to make violins to the same specifications that they had learnt in the 18th century, as young boys, until well into the 19th century. In 2011 he was a juror of the H. THOROWGOOD, Henry. Call for price. h. Made for Violin Society of America (6 makers-Thomas Oliver Croen, Kurt Widenhouse, Guy Rabut, Gregg T. He is a member of the Association of German Violin and Bow Makers and the Violin Society of America. de Website: www. Paul Perley Cellos offers fine cellos and stringed instruments in all price ranges. Rowland Ross is a well known maker of instruments for period performers worldwide. All Entries · Authored by Richard Ward · Buying an Instrument · Guides · Instruments · Instrument Care · Makers · Resources · erica-article-budget-hero-pic . How much is my Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin worth? Brompton's is delighted to offer complimentary Violin appraisals for insurance, probate or sale purposes. CURRICULUM VITAE . 3 out of 5 stars. The shop is pleased to offer a variety of older instruments. A fine violin by Paul Knorr of Markneukirchen, Germany, from the early part of the 20th century. Full size violins; Ferdinand Gagliano, made in Naples, Italy. He grew up in Bubenreuth, Bavaria, where many violin makers from Schoenbach, Bohemia, re-opened their workshops after 1945 (including Hofner, Klier, Sandner, Framus and Paesold). Menü und Widgets. After the Second World War, the 500 locals in Bubenreuth, Germany, agreed to accept in their midst 2,000 musical instrument makers from Schönbach --half the village!--who were 17. R-17VN, A fine German violin from the E. I talked to Ernst Heinrich Roth violins in Germany on the phone, and they Since there wasn't a Bubenreuth or it's violin maker settlement until  After embarking on several different career paths, Klaus discovered his passion for violin making while serving an apprenticeship in the Bubenreuth workshop of   I am an independent violin maker. Violin Clement & Weise Model 130, Bubenreuth 2005 Viola Clement & Weise, Bubenreuth 2003 Instruments by Clement & Weise of Germany are rapidly becoming the standard of excellence for tone production and quality among contemporary makers. A little introduction to the history of the violin bass. $4500: 1/8 Dai Hong Xiang and Zheng Quan violins: Several 1/8 size violins made under the direction of these international gold medal winning master violin makers. Violin Bow by Roderich Paesold, Bubenreuth, Germany. New German Instruments from Bubenreuth. He has worked independently in his own workshop in Bubenreuth since 1998. In the redrawing of boundaries after the war, the German makers in the newly defined Luby were driven out, and the enterprising Friedrich Wilfer founded a business in Bubenreuth, which remains a separately established centre of the violin trade in Germany. It is meant to be top heavy on hand made strings or strings for period instruments, but there are many well known "brand name" string makers here as well. 11-KH32 Klaus Heffler Master Violin Handmade to our specifications by the master Luthier, these beautiful instruments are unsurpassed in detail and quality. This fine viola bow was made by Tim Baker, the last bow maker to be trained and employed by W. His father began violin making after the war and by Wolfgang’s birth was already one of the most outstanding violin making masters in Bubenreuth, the Franconian heart of violin making. Business expanded and new markets were developed in the Far East. Seine Gesellenprüfung legte Walter Mahr als 1. For my instruments, I use none other than acoustic wood seasoned for decades and of the highest quality. 13 | D-91088 Bubenreuth | Tel. In a small, remote area known as the Vogtland in the state of Saxony in Eastern Germany on the Czech border, more stringed instruments have been made over the centuries than anywhere else in the world. European spruce top with European curly maple back, ribs, and scroll. Most of those instrument makers settled with their families in Bubenreuth, Bavaria, Germany, where they continued the tradition of violin making and soon earned fame for their new hometown. His family has  In 1992 I began my apprenticeship to become a professional violin maker at Karl Höfner's workshop in Bubenreuth under supervision of Alfred Zecho, a master  This violin was crafted by the extraordinary makers at the Bernd Dimbath workshop in Bubenreuth. Please call for an appointment to try out instruments and bows . Jeweils mehrere Gesellenjahre arbeitet Walter Mahr in bekannten Meisterwerkstätten in Deutschland und gründete nach seiner Meisterprüfung 1990 eine eigene Werkstatt in seinem Heimatort Bubenreuth. Many of these splendid pieces of wood are from the inventory of past violin makers and can be up to a hundred years old. 18. Inventory #: 148/82. $1,500 Violin Bows in 7/8 size REID HUDSON Mar 24, 2020 - Explore corilonviolins's board "italian-violins" on Pinterest. 29 Jahre Selbstständig im Bau hochwertiger Streichinstrumente d. tradition under the under the direction of Bernd Dimbath, Violin Maker in Bubenreuth. 2999 Toll Free: 800. This is already sold but you can look for similar violin bows for sale on our website. Violins. Inquire London, at the sign of the “Bass-Violin,” in St. The large product range made at this company allowed him to experience all form of bowed instrument manufacture. Many of Hofner's creations are instantly recognizable by sight alone, and even those that use a more standard shape can still be discerned by the impeccable quality of their sound. It is the outgrowth of the Imperial-Royal Music School, a one hundred and forty-six-year-old institution, located—from inception on August 1, 1873 until 2005—in Schönbach, a town that was renamed "Luby" in 1946. In 2010 Clement opened his own workshop in Leipzig, Germany. F. It is in excellent condition. Violin by Friedrich Wilhelm Meisel (1749-1814), Quittenbach, Saxony, 1772. Bas Maas makes violins, violas and cellos on commission. Product Description. From instruments made by our four violin makers to fine consignments, we want to help you find that one instrument or bow that resonates with you. During the 1920s and 30s his grandson, Roderich Paesold (b. jpg  Thomas Hoyer (Werkstatt), Bubenreuth 2018, 7/8 size. On 1st January 2010, Klaus Ludwing Clement opened a new master workshop in the city of music: Leipzig. Total Ratings 3, Mendini Size 4 4 MV-Purple Solidwood Violin Shoulder Rest xtra Strings Case. This violin is a #58. Saturday 10:00 - 4:00. Country: Germany. Often German court violin-makers had a background as practical musicians, so they knew the specific playing qualities a good bow should have in order to perform the local musical repertoire. W. Please call us to check for new acquisitions. Newark School of Violin Making (UK)) 2001/2004. → More After the war, Czech residents of German ancestry were expelled from Czechoslovakia and since most of the Bohemian makers were German, the effect on the violin making industry was dramatic. Since 2000, he is a state certified master for making stringed instruments. With their orientation towards western countries, Bubenreuth guitar makers long underestimated the rise of Japanese manufacturers at first and then later the Chinese violin makers as a new global source of stringed instruments. Lining strips and pads. The “Bretter” (planks), as they were disapprovingly called by the Bubenreuth violin and guitar makers, also became part of Höfner’s product range. Instrument maker details for Roth, in Brompton's Auctioneers Reference Library Upgrade to Chrome Upgrade to Firefox Upgrade to Internet Explorer Upgrade to Safari This website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best user experience. Each one is a premium masterpiece, made from premium materials. Paul's Churchyard, 1749-64; Stainer pattern. Dated 1753. Meine Leidenschaft; Warum BD Untermenü anzeigen. NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 1/8 violin Hand made in 1898 by Joseph Isaac Hugill: Made in 1898 by Joseph Isaac Hugill in Kinburn, Ontario. He is an active member in many organisations including the association of German Violin & Bow Makers. Older Instruments. The violin is fitted with smoothly functioning Caspari mechanical pegs, popular in German-made instruments of the era, and will be appreciated by a player concerned Bubenreuth gained some prominence after World War II when the town, then having 400 inhabitants, voted to admit 2,000 expelled German refugees from Schönbach im Egerland (now Luby, Czech Republic). RICHARD GRUNKE, Violin Bow, Bubenreuth, nickel-mounted, octagonal pernambuco stick, 63. In 1933 In 1953 the Andreas Gleissner Company came to Bubenreuth passing by Eltersdorf . Craftsmanship at 10ths of a Millimetre This violin was crafted by the extraordinary makers at the Bernd Dimbath workshop in Bubenreuth. World War II and the rise, fall, and resurgence of violin making in a tiny corner of Germany. He is now 70 and one of the german bohemians that resettled in Bubenreuth and lives in the "violin maker settlement" that was built for them after the war. After completing school he started a violin maker apprenticeship in his father's company and passed his trade test in 2001 in Bubenreuth. Call for price and details . With his friends he earned money stacking wood behind the factory and later became a journeyman at Höfner. It included everything from the violin to the double bass. Call for Availability. +49 (0) 91 31 - 2 57 32 | Fax +49 (0) 91 31 - 20 59 39 A good English baroque violin in excellent original condition with authentic style fittings and setup. 99 and no reserve! Jul 11, 2014 · That some of these emigrated further (in your Wilfers case) to Canada, or elswhere, or others moved to the new violin makers settlement built a few years later at Bubenreuth, seems unsurprising, since the customer base of these makers was largely lost, and the Mittenwalder makers wouldn’t have been to keen on having their customers poached. Label: “Made and sold by Henry Thorowgood at the Violin and Guitar under the North Piazza of the Royal Exchange, 17-, London. Lobe – Violin Maker: new instruments, repairs, replicas of stringed instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello) of licensed Master Violin Maker in Bubenreuth Bubenreuth gained some prominence after World War II when the town, then having 400 inhabitants, voted to admit 2,000 expelled German refugees from Schönbach im Egerland (now Luby, Czech Republic). bubenreuth violin makers

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